"KIVOTOS" Youth Center
Enoriaki Neaniki Estia Ag. Georgiou Ak. Platonos
Pylou 73-75, Akadimia Platonos, GR-10441, Athens - Tel: 210-5141935
The Saint Andrew's Society of Athens
Father Antonios, a 34-year-old Greek Orthodox priest, opened Kivotos, a modern-day Noah's Ark, in 1999 at rented premises to offer local children a safe and secure home away from their "home". Kivotos is where more than 150 needy children are fed on a daily basis, clothed and assisted to stay in school. Due to the continued increase of number of children, more space is required for renting, although Father Antonios' "dream" is for Kivotos to be relocated to its own building.

Father Antonios' and the other active volunteers' dedication to helping these forgotten children has not gone unnoticed. Donations arrive daily from individuals, corporations etc., whereas, our Society tries to assist by raising valuable funds with our events. Various government officials, including the former President Kostis Stephanopoulos, have publicly applauded Father Antonios' work.
Father Antonios
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Variety of ceramics produced by the children
Published articles about "KIVOTOS" Youth Center:
"I am an Orthodox priest," Father Antonios says, "but I actively bring together children from different countries, different religions and beliefs. We all come together harmoniously, fostering a multicultural community where nothing divides us. In fact, we are all united by a love for one another. My wife and I are dedicated to this work."

The photos that you see were taken during one of our visits to Kivotos in October 2005. Below you can see the recreation area for young children and teenagers, the studying area, one of the classrooms and a variety of ceramics produced by the children. One of the immediate needs of Kivotos is to have a separate studying area for teenagers, who are at present distracted
from the young children.